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Like other prestigious and important museums of the world, the Museum and Royal Park of  Capodimonte has its own voluntary organization called Friends of Capodimonte, whose aim is to support this Museum.
The Association is Nonprofit Organization for Social Utility founded in 2005 and registered in the Unified Register of ONLUS (Nonprofit Organization for Social Utility).

From January 2010 the Association is a member of the Italian Federation of Friends of Museums and in 2014 it received the recognition of legal entity.


Friends of Capodimonte ONLUS supports the Museum and Royal Park of Capodimonte through the promotion and development of numerous initiatives such as donations, acquisitions, exhibitions, restorations, scientific publications, school projects, scholarships, drawing workshops, along with constant promotion of arts through guided tours, concerts, and study days.

The Association achieves the desired objectives thanks to the membership fees and to the resources gathered by fund raising, patronage and donations, and other types of sponsorship in favor of the  museum.


It was created in April 2010 and contains names of representatives of arts and culture particularly close to the Association, who showed keen interest in it as well as in Naples and its own arts.

For the moment it contains the following names:

Prof. Nicola Spinoza
Ex Supervisor of Museum System of Naples
Mrs. Hasmil Poghosyan
Minister of Culture of Republic of Armenia
Mimmo Jodice Artist and Master of Photography


Here you can find the list of donors, such as members of the Association or other persons who have contributed by a substantial donation, to realize some project/initiative;  or persons who have  enriched the collections of the Museum and Royal Park of Capodimonte by a bequest or a donation.
These are our Donors for now:

Mr. Luigi Koelliker
Mrs. Marisa Catello Piccoli
Dr. Gianfranco D'Amato
Attorney Enrico Giliberti

We mourn with great sadness the passing of our two sponsors, Mrs. Bianchina de Feo Leonardi and Knight of Labour Maria Laura Cafiero Mattioli.



Errico di Lorenzo, President
Paolo de Feo, Vice President
Linda Martino, Mandatory Member
Fabrizio Brancaccio, Councilor
Maurizio Zarone,Treasurer



Roberto Giordano, President
Edoardo Curcio
Francesco Giovanni Viti